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Adobe Lightroom Feature Overview
The Absolute Best Way to Export your Photo Galleries to the Web
by Robert Thompson
March 5, 2007

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Hands down, Lightroom is the best web photo gallery exporter on the market.  Before, I put up with iPhoto’s BetterHTML Exporter plugin and was always tangling with options to get Metadata to show properly.  I tried iWeb and almost threw up.  Dreamweaver exports those nasty "tables galleries" with those nasty little thumbnails. Photoshop gives you a 15x15 pixel preview image of the gallery template.

Let me say this loud and clear: I would buy Lightroom just for the Web export feature alone.

The first amazing thing it does that I’ve never seen before:

Lightroom gives you a real-time preview of your gallery.  Not a small thumbnail of a template gallery -- your actual gallery!  Changes are made on the fly, JPGs are created instantaneously, and all links are functional within Lightroom.

Do you want your image 600, 683, or 900 pixels wide?  No more guess work, just drag the slider and see for yourself, it’ll update your page instantly.

And everything is customizable, from the text color, background color, rollover colors, page title, Metadata, number of Rows and Columns. You need no coding experience, it’s all point-and-click and it just works.  Any changes can be saved to a New Template.  Of course, you can always Preview in Browsr to see what it looks like in Safari, Firefox or that other one.

The second amazing thing it does that I've never seen before:

Exports beautifully designed Flash and HTML photo galleries.  There are almost 20 template galleries that ship with Lightroom.  And even thought these Adobe-designed, sleek templates are great, they are fully customizable, meaning, you can change almost any element of the gallery without any coding knowledge.

Set the image size to 750 with a quality of 77.  Set the title, but put the captions below the title.  Add contact information, description of the gallery, your name, your identity plate. It just works! 

There is even a built-in FTP client to quickly upload your photos your FTP server.  I use YummyFTP, but I could find this very useful for that one-click photo gallery update.

I'm currently looking into how to add Google Adsense to Lightroom photo galleries. I'm assuming it will be a simple task.

So that's my first impression of Lightroom. I read no reviews. I never tested the beta. Just got the app and started using it.

And this is version ONE! Hope you enjoy, and if you have any news, updates, or questions, please get back to me.


Misc Info: 

- I used to use Fireworks for my batch exporting needs (set max pixel dimensions, JPG export settings, etc) but it can all be done in Lightroom’s Export (File > Export) dialog box.  You can change color profiles, add watermarks, set bit depths and resolutions, use the Presets like "Email" or "Burn to CD" to achieve the same results as iPhoto.

- How to Disable iPhoto from Automatically loading when you connect your camera:  In your Applications Folder, open Image Capture.  Go to Preferences, de-select "iPhoto".

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