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Adobe Lightroom Feature Overview
Slideshow:  The Finest Slideshow on the Market
by Robert Thompson
March 5, 2007

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So you went out to the mountains and took 800 pictures, you spent hours editing out all the telephone lines in Photoshop, and using Levels to get the best skies possible.

Now you now have your 50 best photos you want to have rolling in the background at your next party.

Goodbye to iPhoto's unintelligent slideshow (with the lovely Bach soundtrack), Hello to Lightroom's Slideshow. It is so flexible it can be used for a professional photo presentation or a low key photo party. 

(Hey listen, I love Ken Burns – especially his jazz documentary.  Matt Glaser, my mentor and professor at Berklee was featured in that documentary and ruled.  But plain and simple, the Ken Burn's Effect is iPhoto’s only trick and it sucks.) 

Some features:

- set the background color, set a gradient background, the opacity and the angle of the background gradient, set drop shadow parameters, or set an image as the background

- put your "identity plate" on each picture (Have a Wacom tablet?  Sign your name, save it, tell Lightroom about it, and Lightroom will do the rest – no Wacom tablet?  Lightroom automatically creates your name in a signature font, see left)

- add custom, non-destructive "text comments" to be displayed anywhere on the screen in the slide show

- not only set the slide duration of the picture, set the duration of the fade into the next picture, to the 1/10 of a second

- play a soundtrack to accompany the photos

- want to show other photographers your Exif Metadata (f-stops, exposure settings, time and date of photo) – just select the preset Exif Metadata press play

- you like that white border around your pictures when you get them developed?  Just set the Stroke border and color and you have achieved the same effect

- Lightroom can export the Slideshow as a PDF file

In sum, it’s the finest, most impressive, most customizable slideshow application.

Print:  The Big Picture

I do not print my own photos. When I need prints made, I send them off to Apple or Walgreens.com (eh hem, and hope for good results) and mail prints to people.  But if the whole process of using Photoshop to make prints is confusing, Lightroom makes it much easier.

You can set the margins, add your name or copyright information (identity plate), set the size in inches, and use existing templates to create different layouts.

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