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Adobe Lightroom Feature Overview
Library: The Ultimate Photo File Manager

by Robert Thompson
March 5, 2007

Library | "mini-Photoshop" | Slideshow & Prints | Create Web Photo Gallery | File Structures & Photo Management

In the Library section, there are four main layouts: Grid view, Loupe view, Compare view, and Survey view. It is important to note that all panels can be hidden (by toggling the triangle icon), and can be resized by dragging.

Throughout Lightroom, there is always a "preview box" in the top left called the Navigator that shows any currently selected image, web gallery, print selection, and updates itself on-the-fly. 

It’s easy to add Metadata, keywords, star ratings, so you can search and easily find your images later. 

You can sort photos with filters, rank photos, color-code them, create "Collections" (or "albums" if you’re used to iPhoto), and easily navigate through you pictures on your hard drive in the Library.

There is the Histogram in the top right that displays the ISO setting, the lens focal length, the f-stop, and the shutter speed, and displays this information in a clear, color-coded way. 

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