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Adobe Lightroom Review
Why You Should Switch from iPhoto to Lightroom
by Robert Thompson
March 5, 200

Library | "mini-Photoshop" | Slideshow & Prints | Create Web Photo Gallery | File Structures & Photo Management

It won't be hard for Adobe to market Lightroom. It is such a powerful collection of photo tools built into one, easy-to-use program. It has a clean design (designed with the help of professional photographers.)  It can be tweaked and customized in almost any way.  It takes less than 10 minutes to learn. And most importantly, it is a thousand times more powerful than iPhoto.

If you are:

- a photo enthusiast with a digital SLR and you shoot in RAW mode
- currently using iPhoto and are frustrated by it's limitations
- wondering what "the better way" is in terms of digital photography on your computer

then I urge you to check out Adobe Lightroom

Once you are familiar with the intuitive design you will never go back to iPhoto, or any free, bundled photo software for your Mac or PC.

But the best thing of all is Lightroom is really five programs in one: a photo file management app, a "mini-Photoshop" app, a Slideshow app, a Photo Printing app, and (seriously, best of all) a Web Photo Gallery export app. Learn about how to create an organized file structure and manage your photos outside of iPhoto.

Adobe Lightroom: Overview and Closer Look

Now, onto Lightroom. It is divided into five main sections:  Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print, and Web.

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