Complete China Guide

Robert Thompson’s Complete China Guide: Tips for Travel, Chinese Etiquette

The most relevant tips and advice with regards to Chinese customs, etiquette and advice. Pick a topic below and comment if you feel like adding something I missed.

Introduction and Key Concepts (Read First)

Introduction and Key Concepts, Respect


Gift giving in China, Gift ideas, Taboo Gifts in China


Introduction, background on dining, chopsticks…

At the Table

Very important table etiquette guide, paying the bill…

Smoking & Cigarettes

Chinese Smoking, Smoking Etiquette in China, Chinese smokers

Drinking Guide

Bottle water questions, tea etiquette, alcohol…

How To Bargain and Negotiate Prices in China

Being a tourist, shopping, dickering…

Nightlife in China

Bars, karaoke, smoking…

That’s just Gross!

Differing views, from Chinese and Western perspectives, on what is disgusting or dirty.

Traveling to China with a Baby / Toddler / Infant

Based on my experience with my 1-year-old.

Doing Business, On a Business Trip in China

Business cards, planning, phones…

6 thoughts on “Complete China Guide

  1. I just found out that my very good Chinese gentlemen friend passed away at the age of 51, from cancer. What would be an appropriate, inexpensive gift to honor his passing. To give to his wife and teen-children?

  2. Going to China in 3 weeks with my Fiancé, whose Chinese and our 9 month baby. Have to say Im a bit nervous, but these articles help a lot, and I think that its going to be a great experience learning a new culture. I will also be able to start potty training with ease now yeh! I really needed advice on what gifts to bring so I think ill get the cigarettes and an ashtray sorted for our apartment first, thank-you !!

  3. @ Claire – that’s great, thanks for the kind words. I hope you’re having fun in China!

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