Water Buffalo Movie Featured Again…

Thanks to the Huffington Post and Head Butler for writing about the water buffalo movie!

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As I sit here in my hotel room in Guangzhou, anticipating our interview at the American Embassy just down the street in about four hours, I’m contemplating whether or not to go back to Du Zhuan and visit the Su family to see how Little Longhorn is doing.

Getting Married in China, How to Move Back to the US

If you would like me to write up an entry on this painstakingly long task (of getting a green card and moving back to the US), let me know.

We finally got our exit interview in Guangzhou and will be back in the US in November.

In other China news:

  • Wikipedia is blocked again (at this point though, who cares, really).
  • It’s been raining for the last 7 weeks.
  • Here in Chuxiong, the amount of tourists went from zero to about 100 per day in the last year, pretty amazing. (Mainly domestic travel, but a few foreigners here and there).
  • They are expanding Yi Ren Gu Zhen to seven sections now (we were the first, then they added the second, now they are adding five more. Each section represents about 200 high-end houses and storefronts).
  • They are going to reroute the train track that cuts through the development.
  • They are displacing the farmers without any compensation, even when they protest. Don’t you love capitalism?
  • (When I say they, I mean the developers and the government.)

Large mountain fire in Dali, Yunnan

Not getting any outside press, there is a large mountain fire in Dali, Yunnan. I just went there a week ago, see panoramic. There is only one news story on this at news.google.com as of this post.

They are putting out the fire, which has been blazing for at least two days now, with the use of horses. Helicopters cannot be used because of the high elevation of the mountain range.

The fire has been escalated by high winds in the last week (very noticeable here in Chuxiong.)

CBC Radio Interview – Water Buffalo Movie

UPDATE: Here is the interview, MP3 format.


I have an interview on CBC Radio’s “Freestyle” program next Tuesday, February 6 (air time TBA) — and the subject is water buffalo movie we made last month. Check out their web site for the actual broadcast.

Thanks again to everyone who watched the movie, if you’re interested on learning more about the story, tune in to the interview (or visit their site for more information.)