Chinese Pagota in Yunnan

Chinese Pagota in Yunnan [photo / pic]

Another shot, shot on a backup camera (Nikon D200) while in China. This is Chuxiong’s pagoda, which is about 8-9 stories high and allows one to view a 360° panoramic view of the city, nestled in the mountains of Yunnan.

2 thoughts on “Chinese Pagota in Yunnan

  1. Beautiful picture. I like seeing your pictures of Chuxiong. My son was adopted from Chuxiong in 2006. He was abandoned by the Piaobai’ao gate in Xishan Park. Do you know anything about this park or have any pictures? Thanks.

  2. This image is outstanding.

    I think the culture of china is something to be marvelled at, and am going through a phase where I’m collecting images from China. Most are from the stock libraries, but those that are from individual photographers are even better because the circulation is a lot smaller.


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