Adobe Lightroom Review with Video Tutorials and Screenshots

Adobe Lightroom Review, Tutorial, ScreenshotsLightroom Tutorials, Screenshots, Review

I just finished my review of Adobe Lightroom. Basically, it is the answer for people who:

Don’t use a Flash on a mountain shot
You know how to shoot, you have a digital SLR, and you take good pictures

Are tired of iPhoto’s poor layout and weak architecture
You liked it in the beginning, but after your library grew, iPhoto couldn’t keep up

Are looking for “a better way” to manage and present their photos
File management, slideshows, export to web, print — Lightroom has it all.

Read and learn here. 6 hours to create this tutorial.

One thought on “Adobe Lightroom Review with Video Tutorials and Screenshots

  1. did u ever figure out how to easily integrate google adsense with light room?

    i tried opening some of the html code galleries in dreamweaver (i know html, but not really js) and I couldnt do much… would love to hear if u found some easy solution

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