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  2. Hello,
    My name is Jackie Carlson and I work for the non-profit organization Church World Service. We work in some 80 countries around the world providing emergency and development assistance. We also help to resettle refugees.

    We are looking for photos of water buffalo for possible use in a brochure. We saw on your blog a picture of a water buffalo that my colleague thinks looks like he’s smiling (but I think it looks like it’s chewing something) and it’s standing beside a woman and a little girl. The water buffalo is looking out at the picture-taker. Could you tell us anything about the availability of this photo for our use and how much you might charge for it.

    Thank you for your attention to our request.


    Jackie Carlson
    Church World Service
    P.O. Box 968
    Elkhart, IN 46515

    800-297-1516, ext. 322

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