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“4 Generations” is a film short documenting my journey in southwestern China (near Tibet) to first find, then deliver a water buffalo to a poor family. The water buffalo led us to a family with an phenomenal story. Inspired by author, educator, and founder of photo.net, Philip Greenspun’s post, and donated by Philip and his friend Craig.

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146 thoughts on “"4 Generations" Water Buffalo Movie Here

  1. How can anyone question the effects of this gift! The beast can be used to turn over the soil not only in their own fields but those of their neighbour’s as well, in return for food, seed, labour, go forward and forward and . . .

  2. Dude….just watched this again. I remain humbled by the talent, humanness, and love present in the people I choose to be around. You and your wife are beasts!!!

  3. I think that the gesture you made and the video and hopefully the resulting effect are so beautiful. And how wonderful that you are in the position to do something like that. But I’m a little afraid that what started it all was a comment about a gift someone received through Heifer International…a donation in their name to help purchase a water buffalo for a family.

    I admit up front that I have an affiliation with Heifer and I feel as though people will be mislead by the comments on Philip Greenspun’s site. He’s right…the money donated isn’t used to purchase one buffalo and donate it to some random family. The money is combined with other donations to provide all kinds of animals to different families around the world. And each family who receives an animal also receives training in how to care for the animal. They also promise to gift the first offspring to another family in their village, and that family gifts their offspring and so on.

    It’s wonderful when we can affect change as individuals. But sometimes it takes more than one individual to make a change. We should all do everything we can to bring about good things, but that doesn’t mean we should turn our backs on good organizations who are providing much larger programs than most individuals can ever do.

    I encourage everyone to learn more about Heifer International, and the other organizations like them. What your film shows so clearly is just how much of a difference a small amount can make in someone’s life.

    Bless you.

  4. Great video lifts the spirit…
    we gave through Heifer in Dec 06 and hope the donation of ducks and bees was recieved as such…
    well done and thanks
    by the way if we send you ? dollars can u buy another water buffalo for a family that needs one??

  5. Robert,
    I heard you interview on CBC radio here in Canada and then watched your movie. Inspiring!
    Job well done!!
    God Bless….

  6. Robert,

    I heard your interview on CBC today and just from the interview it was a moving experience for me. Then I watched your video I felt sad and then extremely happy that you were able to experience this wonderful venture yourself. Being an immigrant myself, I can relate to this situation. Although my family or I were not in the same sitiuation, I did know quite a few families who could have used a similiar gift. Thus, changing their life for ever. I have two wonderful boys, ages 17 and 21 and I often talk to them about this unfairness that exists in this world and it’s not always what they would like to have. As you said on your interview a couple hundred dollars can change an entire family life. And yet here in North America parents and kids don’t have any problems spending this kind of money on an IPOD as an example. I am so greatful that you were able to provide us with this moving video and hopefully we all can make a human difference. God bless you for this wonderful experience.

    A.C. Ontario, Canada

  7. I heard your interview on CBC radio today and wanted to see the video for myself. It was wonderful and it was inspiring to see the difference a few people can make in the world.

  8. this video filled my soul with the peacfulness of true caring, sharing and love, it makes me feel I’ve been wrapped up in a warm bundle of the earths hug.
    Very beautiful.

  9. For everyone who has seen the video, I am making another video soon about the making of sugar without the use of electricity. I saw it firsthand here in China, and it’s pretty inspiring. Stay tuned.

  10. What a wonderful heart warming experience and a great act of kindness. You forget how easy it is to take things for granted in North America and how you can get caught up in your own “world”. Thank you for sharing your experience with our family.

  11. Absolutely Wonderufl!! It took me, about 20 attempts to try and see the video, but when I finally got to watch it, in it’s entirety, it was very moving and inspirational. Your music warmed my senses and your kind act has warmed my spirit. Thank you, for that.

  12. That was a beautiful gesture. thank you for the video. my wife and I give on a regular basis to a number of Christian charities, I feel that they are the best because of the number of volunteers involved and the non profit, love motive, the books are open for all to see. We must not wait for government or anyone else to act. The need is great and urgent, what can YOU do?

  13. A touching story! This goes to show the remarkable power one or a few can have in bettering a life. Let’s hope this story elicits a ripple effect of kindness and generosity, bringing more “Little Longhorns” to those less fortunate.

  14. So beautiful! I heard the interview with Robert on CBC and was so moved by the video. THIS is news. Thank you for generating and sending it around the world.

    B.N. Vancouver, Canada

  15. This is true inspiration!

    Shows what all of us can do…if we want to.
    You have left a legacy with this family. BE proud of yourself.
    If we do not leave legacies, who will?

    Thank you for sharing this Robert
    Liz, Victoria BC Canada

  16. Wow. My two daughters are adopted from China. This video made me bawl knowing that they could be living in the same situation if they were still there. Thank you for doing this. What a special gift for this family. My heart is in China, the birth country of my children. We can’t wait to go back.

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  18. Robert, thank you for this beautiful film – it has brought me to tears and i am passing it on to my nieces and nephews who need to learn how big the world is and how many wonderufl, caring people there are in it.

  19. Thanks! I live in China too, and it’s good to be reminded that simple acts can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

  20. Such an inspiring presentation! The simple act of sharing and loving those we do not know is set off against this time of fear, hate, and war. We waste this little amount of money that can mean the difference between life and death for so many.

    Somehow this film must be shown and shared with a wider audience to show us how we can act in afffordable ways to our wider family around the world.

  21. Dear Bob,

    Your Mom shared your film with me in January, but the first time I tried to open it I could not. But today I could.

    I am so pleased that you have helped a family you did not know and that you are sharing the story in a way that is humble and invites others to do the same. I truly believe this is the kind of concern for and connecting with others that promotes “the peace that passes understanding” in ourselves and in the world.

    Grier and I have experienced some of this in Rotary projects we have done in Mexico and now in New Orleans, as well as times at Trinity when we are sensitive to others.

    I am curious if the young woman in the video is your wife? I hope to meet her and you again sometime. What a joy it is to “be in touch” via the internet.

    Would it be all right with you if we could mention your video in the church newsletter? I’m sure others would be interested. Sincerely, Linnea Graff

  22. What a wonderfully humanitarian gesture. Thank you so very much for sharing this. I plan to share this video with as many of my friends and family as possible, especially my daughter and granddaughter. I wish for you and yours, many blessings.

  23. Great piece, I really love the song you played while you were buying the water buffalo, whats it called and how can I own it?


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  25. One person, one step at a time … what a journey. My heartfelt congratulations and thanks to you for sharing this wonderful gift with the world. May many be inspired to make a difference … one step at a time. You’ve proven that that’s all it takes.

  26. Mr. Robert Thompson,

    I would just like to say, that I am not only humbled by your video. I am humbled by your message as well. It seems these days that so many people try to tug at our heart strings for this reason or that reason – when what they truly want is you to donate money to whatever cause it is that they are supporting.

    I must say that I was shocked at your position to all the people who wanted to give you money to support your cause. Your answer seemed to be simply, “I haven’t done anything that anyone else couldn’t do. One person can change someone’s life. In this situation the one person was me, but the next situation is all up to you.”

    You aren’t trying to sell a book, or your music, or turn a profit.
    It is for that reason I had to comment here to let you know that you are one of the most amazing people I have ever experienced – even though we will never meet.

  27. Robert – a wonderful act, well done video. The perspective of China adds so much to the message, to capture attention, to compare ourselves with another world, another way of life. I’ve shown this video to my elementary students several times. We are doing a similar thing with purchasing a goat for a family in Malawi, maybe two if the kids bring in enough money!

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  31. I recently received a brochure from World vision or someone with a similar concept. You could buy someone anything from a new blanket to fishing line up to a donkey, but then you read the fine print and it’s like in the movie- It’s a symbolic ‘donkey’ which the use to show how a donation of that value would help someone.

    It’s a great idea to give an actual water buffalo but it’s also clear that so many people need one too. Maybe the next step could be a buffalo rental where each family can plow a field and pass it on to the next family.

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