– Installed all my music apps (and will start with other apps) to skip the “wait time” for UB. Windows runs them at full speed (Sibelius, Pro Tools, Adobe, etc).

– Google Video and Google cache (cached pages) now load in China, wonder in my POP3 JV mail works now.

-BOB on WindowsXP-


Sibelius, Reason, and Pro Tools run on Windows lightening fast. It’s kinda wierd, Tom just switched to Mac, and it looks like I’m switch to Windows (in the interim until Mac goes UB). There are a few little things, like you have to wait extra long for the CD to read, and sometimes everything freezes up for a few seconds while it thinks about something else. I have to say, if the program is the same, it really runs basically the same on a PC. So all that marketing about “Macs are for creative people, blah blah” is just marketing. Same programs dude.

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