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“4 Generations” is a film short documenting my journey in southwestern China (near Tibet) to first find, then deliver a water buffalo to a poor family. The water buffalo led us to a family with an phenomenal story. Inspired by author, educator, and founder of photo.net, Philip Greenspun’s post, and donated by Philip and his friend Craig.

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Paying the Power Bill in Chuxiong

Title Power Bill
Video 1024k, 2vbr
Audio 112 AAC
Dimenions 640×320
Format QT H.264
File Size 11 mb
Length 0:36
Sound? Live Narrative
Rated G – ALL


20 kpbs video
50 px wide enlarged to 640 px wide
0.1 mb

Okay, that’s a bit much, but I just ran a bunch of tests and found out that my current settings (1024 video kbps ,etc) is way overkill. Also, audio can be set at the very lowest (mono, 8bit, etc). I just did a test at 300 video kpbs, cut the dimensions by 75%, and it is almost the same as this 11 meg file in terms of video quality, but the file size is 1 meg (of course you have to resize the QT file back up, but for 90% off the file size, I’ll take it.)


Yizu New Year Celebration

Title Yizu NY
Video 888k, 2vbr
Audio 112 AAC
Dimenions 700×366
Format QT H.264
File Size 40.1 mb
Length 2:26
Sound? Live Narrative
Rated G – ALL

Compare, and let me know which you prefer in the future (basically the same export settings):

Flash Version | Quicktime Version

I’d be interested to see the difference in load times, picture quality, choppiness, etc. I’m on a slow connection, I can’t really test.

PS, I’m not really sure why the FLV is 18 mb and the QT is 40…


Last Chuxiong House Tour

Title House Tour
Video 888k,2p
Audio 112 AAC
Dimenions 700×366
Format QT H.264
File Size 23.1 mb
Length 3:16
Sound? Live Narrative
Rated G – ALL

This completes the tour of our house. View the first video (first floor) if you haven’t already seen it.

PS – I added a new CSS style for the movie attributes, then made a little table in 36-sec Dreamweaver and threw it in the blog. Fresh, huh?

I exported this movie again Flash Video, and it took 11 minutes to export, as opposed to H.264, which took 26 minutes. After it uploads I’ll look at the video quality. All the settings are the same, but with this On2 Flix Exporter, I cannot crop the frame. File size was identical. View FLV export.


House Video #2


W I D E S C R E E N is the new black.

What it looks like in the morning at YRGZ (never saw it before.) Gotta clean the wide-angle adapter, or remove it. That reminds me, we need to get a mirror for our bathroom.

Title House Video #2
Video 600 kbps, 2-pass VBR
Audio 40 AAC, mono
Dimenions 600×310, preserve aspect ratio (crop)
Format Quicktime
File Size 7.1mb
Length 1:21 (FCP compression time= 10 mins)
Sound Narrative
Rated G (All audiences)
Notes Never using 600 vkpbs again.


Final Cut + Compression Notes

posterframe.jpgWATCH MOVIE

Just a note: I edited this video with the intention of using all the new information I learned from Total Training: Final Cut 5. It’s not a very stimulating video, but I did make use of the ‘Viewer’ and ‘3-point editing’ (as opposed to drag&drop, razor method, as described in my last tutorial.) Also I learned about how to effectively use the browser (or what I called the ‘library’ window).

Title Bob & Fam Visit Heijing, Yunnan
Video 1024 kbps, 2-pass VBR
Audio 80 AAC, mono
Dimensions 640×480
Format Quicktime
File Size 21.7 mb
Length 2:42 min
Rated All audiences

I compressed this video twice, same settings, except for 2-pass.

1-pass = 21.8 megs / lots of crap on screen
2-pass = 21.7 megs / much less crap

But, the 2-pass very little of the artifacting that 1-pass does when you move the camera more that the speed of “slow”. What that means is, for a talking head, yes, 1-pass could be useful at saving you compression time, but really, I’m now convinced that 2-pass must always be used.